Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh How The Time Flies!!

Where did the last year go?!?!  So much has happened including Bridger starting 1st grade.  His teacher is Mrs. Willie and he loves, loves, loves school this year.  His reading is getting better everyday and he his doing really well in math and spelling.  He likes going to recess and likes eating school lunch.  He has been really happy in the mornings which is a HUGE change from last year.

We had an eventful summer including fishing, swimming lessons, baseball, day-trip vacations and spending time with grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles, and cousins.  Bridger played baseball again and will probably play next year too.  He played soccer for the first time but didn't really like it.  He did have fun once he was at the games and practices.  It was just getting him there that was the problem.  He did get a trophy and a picture so he thought it was worth it in the end.

Another duck hunting season is upon us and Jeremy can't wait to get out there and shoot some ducks and hopefully some geese this year.  It is his favorite time of year and hopefully I can post some pictures of him being the "mighty hunter".  He got Gear, our black lab dog (who I say is a horse because he is so huge), to take hunting, but needs a lot of work this season to be ready for the next.  Jeremy said he will take him out on the weekends he is in town to hunt instead of with his brother or dad down in Utah.

Well that pretty much sums up everything that has been going on and here are some pictures to prove it: